• Cairns, Queensland
    GEoPD members only

    12:00 City Tour of Cairns
    18:00 Welcome Reception Pool Deck, Pullman International Hotel
  • Pullman International Hotel, Cairns
    GEoPD members only

    8:00 Registration
    8:30 Opening of GeoPD Consortium Meeting Bluewater 1 Room
    9:00 Session 1: Ongoing GEoPD Projects
    10:30 Morning Tea
    11:00 Session 2: Datablitz Presentations
    13:00 Lunch - poster presentations Exhibition Area
    14:00 Session 2: Datablitz Presentations Continues
    15:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:00 Session3: IPDGC Collaboration
    16:30 Session4: New Project Proposals
    18:30 Steering Committee Dinner
  • "Science to Conquer Parkinson's Symposium", Parkinson's Queensland
    Open to All Registrants

    8:00 Registration
    8:30 Symposium Opening Event Prof. George Mellick
    9:30 Session 1: Therapeutic Horizons
    "Amyloid Beta and Drug Discovery in Alzheimers - are there lessons for Parkinson's?" Prof. Colin Masters, University of Melbourne
    "Current Clinic Trial Efforts in Parkinson's" Dr. Richard Wyse, Cure Parkinson's Trust UK
    "Advances in Neurosurgery for Neurodegenerative disease" Prof. Peter Silburn, University of Queensland
    10:30 Morning Tea
    11:00 Session 2: Biomarkers, Benchmarking and other Challenges
    "Genetic Analysis and the Clinician - using genetic analysis to guide therapy" Prof. Christine Klein, University of Luebeck Germany
    "The Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle Project" Prof. Ashley Bush, Florey Institute
    13:00 Lunch (Exhibitors and Poster Session)
    14:00 Session 3: Cutting Edge Primary Research
    "Establishing a multi-disciplinary approach linking the clinic to research" Prof. Rejko Krueger, University of Luxembourg
    "Advances in complex genetic analysis - methylation and exposures" Dr. Jake Gratton, University of Queensland
    15:30 Afternoon Tea
    16:00 Session 3 Continues
    "Protein Trafficking in Neurodegenerative Diseases" Prof. Rohan Teasdale, University of Queensland
    "Blood biomarkers for Parkinson's" Prof. Antony Cooper, Garvan Institute
    18:00 "The James Parkinson" - Bicentenary Oration
    "Parkinson’s disease – personalized, precision medicine from 20 years of genetic insight" Prof. Matt Farrer, CSO of Neurocode, Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia
    19:30 Symposium Dinner
  • Parkinson's Queensland Members & Support Groups Forum
    Open to GeoPD members and PQI members and supporters

    8:30 Registration Pullman International Hotel Cairns, Queensland (Bluewater Rooms 1)
    9:00 Opening and Welcome Prof. George Mellick
    9:30 Science Summary of Interesting Highlights from the Forum and how this impacts on people living with Parkinson's Various local presenters
    11:00 Parkinson's Queensland Strategic Plan - Towards 2020
    13:00 Lunch with the President & Meeting Close
    Tour opportunities (Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Hinterland, Rainforest Tour, etc.)