Biology Core

  • The Biology core is to compile a resource of expertise, resources and reagents within the GEoPD Consortium. Its objectives are to facilitate research by members of the GEoPD Consortium and to encourage multi-site collaborations.
  • The descriptors expertise, resources and reagents may be subdivided into sub-categories. Some examples: Expertise may include key professionals with major interests in atypical parkinsonism, neuroimaging (PET, MRI), genetics, etc. Resources might include longitudinal clinical data, high-throughput sequence or genotype information, etc. Reagents might include inducible pluripotent cell lines (iPSCs), plasmid constructs, or mouse models for genes implicated in Parkinson’s disease.
  • Although there will be some overlap with other cores e.g. with the Communications core on who is a current/active GEoPD member, with the Clinical core on number of patients and control subjects for whom clinical data and DNA is available, with the Bioinformatics core on genotype/sequence information etc. It will be the Biology’s core’s responsibility to create and maintain an indexed, searchable database of biologic ‘meta-data’ for the GEoPD Consortium.

Core Leaders: Matthew Farrer , Nobutaka Hattori , Jan Aasly