Bioinformatics Core

  • The Bioinformatics/Genomics core will integrate, disseminate, store and archive sequencing data generated by different GEoPD sites.
  • Part of our objective is to develop a standardized analytical pipeline to seamlessly perform downstream genomic analyses, to use either next-generation sequencing data (exome, genome, resequencing) or candidate SNP data generated via different genotyping platforms. However, the Bioinformatics/Genomics core also serves to integrate data generated by different cores (i.e. Epidemiology core, Clinical core, Biology core) with raw genomic data. As such the Core will be responsible for developing and managing a “GEoPD database”, containing genomic data accessible to GEoPD members.
  • The Bioinformatics/Genomics broader mission is to help GEoPD investigators perform novel, multi-dimensional, clinico-genetic-epidemiological studies.

Core Leaders: Manu Sharma , Lars Bertram